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Executive Search

Hoglund & Associates serves a diverse set of clients. These include large national organizations such as Sears, Whirlpool, Allstate Insurance, Tribune Companies and McKesson, along with smaller privately-held companies. (See representative client list)

We have successfully completed search assignments in a variety of functional disciplines including: Marketing/Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, Research & Development and General Management.

Our reputation is one of successful placements through experience, professionalism, ethics and creativity.

Assignment Objectives

Why Choose Us?

Search Process

Initiation - Determine client requirements, establish objectives and expectations.

Specification - Work with client to mutually develop a position specification based on business, culture and other qualifying characterisitics.

Research - Conduct an analysis of client's industry and identify a target market. Use professional research, data banks and directories to identify potential candidates.

Networking - Source and identify all target companies and contacts to ensure the broadest possible coverage to identify all possible candidates.

Candidate Assessment - Evaluate each candidate's qualifications, achievements, interpersonal skills and likely match to job specifications.

Closure - Complete the reference checks and resolve any open issues/concerns. We work with both the client and the candidate to ensure a satisfactory result for both parties.